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Hire a team of professional makeup artists in London for:

Fashion & Runway Shows, TV & Film Productions, Entertainment & Events, Red Carpet, Movie Premiers, Special Occasions, Photo & Video Shoots.

Roseanna is a professional makeup artist based in London, working internationally. With 10 years of experience in the industry, Roseanna works in fashion and photography, Film, TV, Music Videos and Media and Celebrity & Red Carpet Events. 

Roseanna can provide a team of makeup artists for fashion shows & events, corporate photoshoots, presentations and events, as well as theatre and stage show productions.

Roseanna's team is made up of a variety of makeup artists with a range of skills from fashion & beauty work, red carpet and celebrity makeup as well as more advanced work for TV & Film including special effects makeup (SFX).

For information on Roseanna's availability and rates, please contact


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