Always wanted to achieve flawless makeup?


Learn from a professional!




Roseanna offers professional makeup artist training in group sessions and one-to-one makeup lessons in London.


What styles of makeup and techniques does Roseanna teach?


Smokey eyes: how to create a smokey eye look, what brushes to use, how to blend eyeshadow 


Contouring: face shapes, how to manipulate the shape and structure of your face using makeup. Shading and highlighting techniques eg: Kim Kardashian contouring. How to achieve a slimmer nose, defined cheekbones and stronger jawline.


Natural daytime makeup: how much makeup is suitable for the day time, how to achieve a 'fresh' and natural look, how to hide dark circles under the eyes. 


Evening makeup: how to change a daytime look to an evening look, how to make sure your makeup will stay on all night.


Transgender makeup (M-F): how to a achieve natural and femenine female appearance, how to soften the face shape, how to hide beard growth or stubble, how to achieve a soft femenine skin texture, how to elongate the lashes, how to femenise the eyes and lips.


Drag makeup: Enlarging the eyes, using false eyelashes, eyebrow blocking techniques, eyebrow shapes, contouring techniques, enlarging the lips, femenising the face and creative looks using pigments, glitters and more.


Body painting: How to use body paint, different types of body paints, body paint effects and techniques, body painting brushes, blending two colours together, 3D effects, glitters and metallics and waterproof body paint.


Special effects SFX: Cuts, bruises, scars, wounds, fake blood, black eyes and more - suitable for theatre, film and TV. 


Halloween makeup: Zombies, Skeletons, Day of the Dead, Witches, Vampires and much more!


Makeup brushes: Types of brushes, natural hair brushes versus synthetic, how to use & where to buy.


The best makeup brands: Where to buy your makeup, what are the best brands to use for a professional quality. High street brands vs Designer brands.









Roseanna offers makeup lesson in London for those looking to improve their skills for day to day makeup and special occasions.


What does a private makeup lesson with Roseanna involve?


The creation and demonstration of the makeup look you want to learn. This can be anything from a fresh natural daytime look, to a dark smokey eyed evening look. Roseanna caters for all skin tones and skin types in her lessons.


The first part of the lesson is spent designing the perfect makeup look to suit your skin tone, colouring and personal style.


Roseanna will show you tips and tricks to adapt your look depending on what you are wearing or what the occasion is and will teach you professional techniques on how to achieve long lasting professional and flawless looking makeup.


Tools and products:


During the lesson, Roseanna will look through all of your personal makeup kit including products and brushes, to see what your kit is currently made up of. Roseanna will use her professional experience to pull out any items you don't need for example: a concealer that is wrong colour for your skin tone.


Roseanna will also advice you on the best products and brushes to invest in to achieve professional looking makeup.


Roseanna can also take pictures throughout the lesson and provide you with a step-by-step personalised makeup tutorial with notes for your to refer back to when re-creating these looks by yourself at home.


Roseanna also offers group makeup lessons. Please get in touch for more info.


Roseanna is a freelance makeup artist based in London and works across the UK.



For bookings and price enquiries on 1 to 1  makeup lessons in London or group sessions, or more information about Roseanna's next demonstrations and workshops, please get in touch by email: 

Enquiries will be responded to within 24 hours. Thank-you.



Roseanna is an experienced makeup teacher - with 10 years of professional experience, she has taught at The London School of Beauty and Makeup, The Central School of Makeup, The World Skills Show, The Clothes Show Live. Roseanna has also held private workshops for a number of salons across the UK.


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