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Guest Speaker for The China Makeup Artist Association

Hi I'm Roseanna Velin! A professional makeup artist and lecturer from London, UK. This post is about the incredible opportunity I was offered with See World Ltd, to visit China and speak at The China Makeup Artist Association event in Guangzhou.

The China Makeup Artist Association is a special event dedicated to all things beauty, makeup and fashion related. Industry leaders, teachers, artists & brands from across China and worldwide are invited to host specialist talks and workshops, to an audience of up to 3000 people!

I felt absolutely honoured to be considered for such event, and to this day it is one of the main highlights of my career as a makeup artist!

I delivered 3 seminars, the first topic being 'British Beauty Culture': about the influences on beauty, makeup trends & culture in the UK, from history, music, fashion, pop culture, religion & politics.

I also delivered a presentation about 'Working in the UK': Understanding the expected standards & quality of work for a makeup artist, including your skillset, work ethics, ettiquette and professionality. I covered important information & advice on running your own business, including:

- Finding what sector of the industry you want to work in eg: Fashion, TV & Film, Music, Celebrity Makeup and/or Bridal,

- Gaining work experience,

- Building your portfolio,

- How to advertise & market yourself,

- Pricing your services and standard industry rates.

And finally an 'Art of Makeup Masterclass' - a fun and practical step by step makeup demonstration of a complete makeup look on a model. Covering everything you need to know to be an artist!

- Sourcing initial inspiration for your work,

- Conceptualization and design ideas,

- Product knowledge,

- Building up your makeup kit, tools and brushes,

- Demonstrating how to bring your design to life on a human canvas, using professional makeup artist tips & techniques.

I was also invited as a guest judge for 'China's Top Make-up Artist Contest' - an incredible live runway show displaying the latest talent and creativity of China's up and coming professional makeup artists, recent graduates and students.

I felt so grateful for this opportunity. I love sharing passion, knowledge and creativity and helping to support and inspire the next generation of makeup artists! I would love to expand and do more workshops, seminars & masterclasses.

Read more about other previous seminars and classes I have taught at makeup schools around the UK & Worldwide on my CV page. And please get in touch if you're interested in booking a makeup masterclass, workshop or talk for your school, college or private event, across the UK and around the world.

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