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Qatar UK - Fashion Exchange

This year I had the pleasure of working backstage at Qatar UK 2013 at the Victoria & Albert Museum. I worked in a team of makeup artist from my new agency Court-On-Camera creatives. The makeup look was designed by Michelle Court, and Gary Baker and his team were styling hair.

At the show, Qatar and Uk designers collaborated to showcase the alchemy of Doha and London and celebrate Qatar UK 2013 Year of Culture.

On 5th September 2013 Qatari and British cultures combined to stunning effect as the Victoria & Albert Museum in London hosted 'Fashion Exchange', a fashion show that featured work by internationally renowned UK designer Phillip Treacy and three emerging female entrepreneurs from Qatar's Rouda Centre, Elham Al Ansari, Fathiya Al Jaber and Hessa Al Mannai.

The September show paired Albayas and Jalabiyas by the Qatar designers with headresses by Phillip Treacy with the aim of challenging perceptions of the Abaya and the role of women in Gulf societys. The Abaya was celebrated as a garment of style, modesty and expression in the way that the Kimono and Sari are in Japanese and Indian cultures.

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