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Blanc Magazine Interview

Do you have an icon, something or someone you draw particular inspiration from?

When I first started, 5 years ago, I was working as an assistant to Neil Hughes and was heavily inspired by bodypainting and theatrical makeup. My influences were artists such as Carolyn Cowan and Nelly Recchia. In the last few years, I moved my focus into fashion makeup admiring works by Pat McGrath and Alex Box. Right now I am looking for new sources of inspiration to take my fashion makeup in another direction.

Do you prefer working with editorial spreads or fashion shows? And why?

I like both. I love the close creative environment of editorial work and creating a story with makeup looks. In fashion shows, I love the adrenaline and build up to have everyone ready on time and watching my makeup come to life on the catwalk.

Do you have a particular style? If yes, what kind?

I think so, a lot of people tell me my work has a 'signature' look. I think there is a lot of 'depth' in my makeup and I like to emphasise the structure of the face with contouring techniques.

Are there any challenges or frustrations you face as a makeup artist in the creative process?

Insecurity is very frustrating. I am never 100% sure of happy with what I do.

What do you consider your all time favourite shoot, fashion show or other event you might have assisted to?

Last summer I worked on a fashion photography workshop with Julian Knight on Gozo Island. Fashion makeup every day, 35 degrees in a beautiful location, meeting creatives from all over the world... couldn't ask for anything more!

Whether it is a celebrity or fashion model, or anyone else for that matter, do you try to know as much as you can about your subject personally or not?

Makeup is a very personal thing, so I like to get to know my clients. It's important to have an understanding of their style and taste so you can create a look to suit their image and character, as well as giving them something refreshing and new that will get noticed.

How did you know you wanted to become a makeup artist? Where did it all come from?

I think it started in my teens, I experimented with my makeup and hairstyles a lot.. I was fascinated by how much you can transform yourself with makeup , changing not just the way you look, but the way you feel. I also like creating character with makeup, and developed an interest for stage makeup at a young age.

Who is the ultimate dream person you'd like to assist (celebrity or other)? And why?

I dont think I have a dream person. I appreciate many works from various artists.. Aaron De May, Pat Mcgrath, Nelly Recchia, Alex Box.. There are many talented makeup artists I'd like to assist.

What are the makeup essentials in your toiletry bag for yourself? And clients?

Brow gel & shadow, lash curlers, mascara, tinted lip balm, concealer and blush!

It's recently been heard that Marc Jacobs called "nude" makeup "a little lazy". Would you say you agree? Jumping off from that, what's your favourite makeup style?

No I don't think nude makeup is lazy, unless it's all you do then maybe. It's just another style and sometimes very appropriate. My favourite makeup look changes regularly. Right now I'm loving a red wet look eye with groomed brows and dewy skin.

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