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Noor Fares Jewellery Campaign

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Behind the scenes of the 'Akasha' Jewellery campaign for Noor Fares.

The AKASHA Collection takes inspiration from the symbols Sri Yantra and the Flower of Life. The name is derived from the Sanskrit name; meaning Ether. The Sri Yantra is an ancient symbol used in meditation to balance and focus the mind has been reimagined to created graphic pieces in 18k grey gold, white diamonds, white topaz, iolite, green tourmaline, rubelite and various other coloured stones. The collection showcases a wide array of textures in the form of pavilion up set stones and engraved lines to produce levels and dimensions.

Noor's idea for this collection, was to have a model covered in glittery body paint, and to place the multi coloured dazzling jewels on top. Tricky and time consuming for sure, but worth it for such a beautiful result! Here are some behind the scenes images taken at the shoot:

glitter makeup artist london

glitter makeup artist london

glitter makeup artist london


Model: Lini Kennedy at Next Models

Hair by Jose Quijano at The Wall Group

Nails by Pebbles at The Wall Group Stylist

Photographer Billal Taright

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